Warum ist es für uns so wichtig ... / Why is ist so important for us ...
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gerade in diesem aktuellen Leben viel zu lernen? oder auch: Wie befähigen wir uns, die Lehre des Geistes, die Lehre des Lebens, die Lehre der Wahrheit zu verbreiten?

to Learn so Much, Especially in our Current Lifetime? Or: How Can We Enable Ourselves to Spread the Teaching of Spirit, the Teaching of Life and the Teaching of Truth?

Excerpt: "Whether we are a core group member or a passive group member, we and all those who come after us, are the ones who will take charge of and be responsible for carrying on the FIGU and its Mission, also after Billy’s future demise, so that at some distant time in the future, there will be peace, true love, freedom and harmony among earthly humanity. But—let’s be honest—how can we carry on the Mission at all and without losing face, when all of us know far too little ourselves; when what we are studying is not really ours at all yet, and therefore has not yet become second nature to us, since the necessary knowledge and experience are lacking?"