The Meier Chronicles, DVD
25.00 CHF

In October 1979, an US American film team visited "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier in Hinterschmidrueti. This team was composed of Wendelle C. Stevens, Tom Welch, Lee and Brit Elders. The beginning of the Semjase Silver Star Center and Billy's contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejaren are presented in the form of interviews and documented with photos and excerpts of footage. Billy's photos and footage is compared with the actual locations in the hills of the canton of Zurich. We see examination of the material by scientists: The late Marcel Vogel comments on metal probes of Pleiadian/Plejaren beamships, the physicist Neil Davis comments on photos; Jim Dilettoso was responsible for the computer analysis. There are witnesses' reports, impressions from landing tracks, etc., and questions about the Pleiadians/Plejaren and Billy are answered.

Footage excerpts of:

  • Bachtelhoernli: Three beamships, two of them are disappearing
  • Saedelegg photos: scientific examination/investigation
  • Near Hinwil: Beamship flies around a weather pine which was eliminated at some later time.

VHS: bad film and sound quality
DVD: digitally remastered, codefree

112 Min.