All Topics at a Glance






Subscription Sagas Selbsthass Srut
Sticker Sandflies Self-help Staatsmächtigen
Self-responsibility Satipatthana Meditation Self-control Stephan R.
Success Schadenfreude Selbstüberschätzung Stars
Spring poem Schädlinge Self-responsibility Silence
Spirit Sleep Self-confidence Strafgefangene
Spiritual power Schmidrüti Self-realisation Striving
Spiritual Teaching Schöpfungslehre Semjase Strife
Spiritual Teaching Switzerland Semjase-Silver-Star-Center Stress
Study of the Spiritual Teaching Swindler Seuchen Study groups
Spiritual Teaching symbol Swinging-waves Sexuality Sin
Spirit-form Sein-Absoluten Absolutum Sfath Symbol
Story Sects Sighting report Sorrow
Speed Sektenmitglieder Sense of the life Sadness
Society Sectarianism Sklaven Society
Short stories Self-determination Solidarity Slanderer
Song Self-observation and -consideration Sunday duty Search for the truth
Shady wheeler and dealer Self-remembrance Speicherbänke Soothsaying
Space flight Self-cognition Spirituality Science
Space-ships Self-education Sayings Stream of the time
Sädelegg Self-contentment


Leave-taking Life-angst Life-wishes Lies
Lightning Life-mastering Life-destination Love for the next one
Loneliness Life-experience Legends Laws of nature
Living experiences Lebensformen Leader Leap years
Laziness Life-conduct Learning Longing
Laws Life-course Letters from readers Language
Landing tracks Life-school Love Loyalty
Laser pistol Life-sense Love-forms Loss-anxiety
Life Life-way Lovelessness Lecture


Abortion Andrea Grässl Atlant Platon Sokrates Bieri Advice
Attentiveness Assaults Atomic physics Autonomy
Aggression Anxiety Aura Assisted suicide
AIDS Attacks Accompaniment Astrology
Active Alliance Aphorisms Arduousnesses Animal
Age Arahat Athersata Allegory Animal protection
Antiquity Associations Annual financial statement Antagonistic mights
Aging Astral body Art Arbitrariness
Analyses Astronomy Artificial insemination Anger
Anarchism Astrophysics Affliction


Everyday life Energy Esotericism Error
Edification Energieknappheit EU Equanimity
Extraterrestrials Experience Europe Equal rights
Evidence Explanation Evolution Equalness
Expression of thanks Enlightenment Eternity Equal value
Elves Erra Existence Erroneous assumptions
Emotions Education Extremismus Environment
End time


Decency Discrimination Descendants Dream interpretation
Determination Discipline Doing nothing Dreams
Decadence Dogmas Defeats Destruction of the environment
Demonstration flights Dr. Walter Bühler Duty Delusional belief
Depression Drugs Dying Dignity
Desiderata Deference Death Desert
Despotism Development Death announcement Destinations
Disharmony Deed Death penalty Destination-setting


Work Worries Wisdom Word-belief
Word of honour Weapon World peace Wounds
Woman Wahnvorstellung Weltkrieg Wishes
Witches Wandel Weltpolizei Wish-worthy
Wedding Water Will Wish-dream
War Website Winter Witnesses
Writing Ways


Clarification Cabbalah Concentration Creation
Call for Calender tables Crop circles Creation-consideration
Calmness Comradeship Corrections Creation-consciousness
Considerations Core Group Correspondence Creation-recommendations
Cheater Core Group resolution Correcting Creation-spirit
Consciousness Children Cosmos Creation-history
Consciousness-formation Child murder Crossword puzzle Creation-laws
Case Child abuse Criminality Connection
C.G. Jung Childhood Critic Connectedness
Character Church Crucifix Calumny
Christianity Clothes Cults Condemnation
Christian Krukowski Climate catastrophe Cult-religions Christmas
CIA Climate change Culture Christmas party
Contemplation Conflicts Cleanliness Carpenter
Cognitions Consequence Consideration Chance
Contrarieties Contact Reports Calm Cooperation
Community Contacts Chicanery Compulsion
Conscience Contemplation


Barbarism Bible Birth Being human in the real and true sense
Beaming Billy Meier Birth control Beauty-delusion
Benehmen Bread Brain BEING
Bermuda Triangle BSE Belief Buzzing
Besserwisser Bond Body contemplation Beamship
Bestäubung Burnout Body-cult Behaviour


Trees Turn of the year Terrorism Triebtäter
Thinking Teacher Terrororganisationen Trust
Torture Travel Thot-Hermes Truth
Thoughts Telepathy Tolerance Time
Togetherness Terror Tradition Time travel


Requirements Regulation Riches Rumlikon
Reflection Revenge Relativity Responsibility
Redemption Rassenhass Relegeon Rationality
Recommendations Racism Religion Reincarnation
Rock Righteousness Respect Reality
Reader's question Regenwaldzerstörung Richard Duschl Rage


Handicaps HAARP History Heresy
Honesty Harmony Hölle Human being
Human being of Earth Hasenböl Homosexuality Human rights
History of Earth Hate Humanism Human dignity
Hatred of foreigners Hausbau Humour Humankind
Health Hectic Hungersnöte History of humankind
Habits Helden Heretic Humaneness
Happiness Heraklon


Instruction In Gottes Namen Inquisition Israel
Illusion Industrialisation Insektensterben Illness
Involvement Information Interview Impatience
Inhabitants of Earth Initiation Intuition Intellect
Inventions Initiative Irrational teachings Inclination
Ideology Inkarnation IS


Poetry and Fiction Painting Physics Prophecy
Planting Pets Pius Meinrad Keller Psyche
Population Proofreading Plejaren Psyche
Poet Pedagogy Plejaren alphabet Pyschology
Precious stones Partnership Politics Psychopathen
Parents Passive membership Polygamy Psychopathy
Progress Paul Portraits Pyramid
Peace Person-cult Poster Pain
Peace-fighting troops Personality Pre-astronautics Pregnancy
Peace meditation Pflanzen Principles Punishment
Peace symbol Plant life Problems Protection of the environment
Prayer Philosophy Prophet Past
Power of thought Photo-description Prophetenreihe Prediction
Poem Photographs Prophecies Procreation


Modesty Man Metal samples Mummies
Marriage Mantra Milk Music
Misery Mars Millennium Mysterious
Memories Mass Missuccess Myth
Meat Materialism Mission Marginalized ones
Money Meditation Missionising Mode of talking
Mentality Memper Louis Middle Ages Mad cow disease
Megalomania Mental-block Mobbing Mortality
Mode of life Metal analyses Murder attempts Mortality


Gratitude Gemeinschaftsprojekt Gizeh Goblet of the Truth
German Gemüt Glow-worm Greed for might
Germany Genetic engineering God Government
Garden Gesamtbewusstseinblock God-delusion Guilt
Gasthof Freihof Gewalt Gottheiten Giving sense
Geheimdienste Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit Günter Neugebauer Global conflagration


Nobleness Natan Binar Brand New testament Novel
Nutrition Nature Neutrality New Year's Eve
Nahrungsmittelmangel Nature protection New time Numbers
Names Nazca Nokodemion Newspaper cuttings
Narzissmus New beginning


effective Demokratie endlosen Dauer


Venerability Veränderung Visions Volcano
Vegetables Veneration Völkervermischung Values
Virtue Verfolgung Vorurteile Value
Vatican Verses


Jealousy Jesus Christ Journals Judaism
Joy Jmmanuel Journalism Judge
Jenseitsbereich John the Baptist Jschwisch


Oneness Opinion Occultism Organ
Original sin Obituary OM Overpopulation
Origin Openness Omedam Outer space
Other world


Fine-spiritual perceptions FIGU Frustration Fellow human being
Falschbeschuldigend FIGU-Mitgliedschaft Foreordination Flight to the moon
Falseness Financial economy Fear Fools
Falsifications Fluidal powers Freedom of thoughts Female Pope
Family planning Fluidal swinging waves Feeling Fantasy
Farbenlehre Freedom Fairness Fate
Fauna and Flora Free time Fall Forgiveness
Fehlbaren Fremdenfeindlichkeit Fight Forgiving
Feminism Friendliness Fairy tale Free will
Fernsehen TV Friendship Feeling Future


Questions Qualität Quantität




Karin Wallen King David Krankheitserreger Killing
Karl Marx Korff Kriegsverbrechen Knowledge
Karma Kräfte Kitchen-talks Knowledge-clarity
Klaus Schneider






schöpferische Energie




UFO Umweltverschmutzung Universe Unsatisfaction
UFO-Photos Unteachableness UN USA
UFO-sighting Unfruitfulness Unterdrückung Understanding
Ufology Universal Consciouness


Zaawja Zuhause Zwischenmenschlichkeit