Terms and Conditions

Price Changes
Since we constantly improve and edit our writings and then publish them in a new format, we reserve the right of price changes, which is also the case with all the other items.

Complaints regarding our shippings may only be accepted within 8 days after receiving the package. Complaints made after 8 days are no accepted.

No Exchange
What has been sold may not be returned if the shipping was correct.

Consignment for Inspection
We do not send any writings/items for inspection.

Discount for Retailers
Retailers have to contact FIGU regarding a discount. There is no discount for online orders.

Minimum Age
We do not sell writings to minors without written consent by the parent or legal guardian. Writings are sold to persons only who are at least 16 years old.

Range of Articles
In our online catalogue you find a limited range of products only. If you want to view the whole range of writings/products please view our Pricelist. Please take notice that -- due to technical reasons -- prices in our online ordering system may differ from the ones in our pricelist. In case of doubt the prices in FIGU's pricelist are valid.

Images / Pictures of Products
We are making an effort to show original images of our products. However, we reserve the right that some pictures my vary from the original image of a product, due to adjustments of the product, optimizing of Internet graphics, misrepresentations, etc.

All information and products on our Internet pages are subject to alteration. If there is any damage which is caused by data that has been (down)loaded and/or installed from our Internet Server, we refuse any liability.

Any data which is transfered from you to us is exclusively used for processing your orders and/or your questions regarding this process. Your data will not be given to any third parties!

Storing sensitive data
This shop system can be used for ordering products only, and not for the payment of invoices. Therefore, only your name, email, address and previous orders are stored in our system.