The Meier Contacts

The Key To Our Future Survival

Billy Meier has been having contacts with human extraterrestrial visitors, called Plejaren, since 1942, he was 5 years old. They have provided him the opportunity to photograph their advanced spacecraft, make sound recordings of the UFOs and offered metal alloy samples for scientific examination as evidence of their existence. And they have imparted to him vast amounts of prophetically accurate, scientific and world event-related information.

25.00 CHF

The new DVD, The Meier Contacts, presents the newest, most comprehensive presentation of the information contained in the Billy Meier Contacts. This Lectu-mentary format not only includes a thorough review of all the still irreproducible physical evidence, copies of key published texts, scientific proof of the case's authenticity, prophetic and spiritual information, but also some of the core principles for human evolution presented to us by the Plejaren. The nearly two-hour presentation clearly demonstrates that the contacts aren't as much about UFOs and extraterrestrials as they are about how we can assure our future survival.

100 Min.