Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

The most frequently asked questions we have summarized and answered for you on this page.

You can check your order status anytime online in your FIGU shop account. Log in with your username and password and click “Orders”. Of course, you can also contact us directly concerning pending orders, ideally by using our contact form.

No, you can pay neither on invoice nor by COD. We only accept advance payment.

Electronic payments through the internet as well as credit card payments will not be accepted due to security reasons. Many years ago we were informed by Zafenatpaneach – a Plejaren IT expert and counsellor – that several decades will pass before a secure electronic payment system will exist and can be securely used. Until then we will refrain from accepting Internet based payment methods as well as credit cards and only accept direct bank transfers. We consider this also as a form of safeguarad for our dear customers and FIGU friends.

We know this seems unusual these days. However, we are only a small group of people doing all the work in our free time. Thus, we cannot afford a dunning or loose time with unpayed orders. As we had to learn from experience, orders paid in advance are fetched at the post office or accepted at the door more reliably. Besides, the customers will care more to use a correct address, so we can avoid additional costs for undelivered or refused items which happened sometimes in the past. Thanks for your understanding.

As soon as your full payment (without comission for bank charges etc.) has arrived on our bank account, your order will be shipped. This works flawlessly for more than 30 years. Should you miss to receive your order, please contact us immediately.

The best way is to transfer the money directly to our bank account. All details can be found on the page Shipping & Payment.

Please stop using checks for your payments. The costs for clearing has been raised to CHF 40.00 for each check, and in the near future our bank will not accept checks anymore! Since each check is returned to the member‘s/customer‘s bank, this does result in considerable delay, up to two months. Thank you for your understanding.

We are accounting the exact costs we have to pay to the Swiss Post ourselves. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. If you're located in the country of another FIGU shop you may consider ordering from there to save shipping costs. The list of FIGU shops is available on our landing page.

As soon as your full payment has been received on our bank account, your order will be immediately processed. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the delivery period of the post service. Detailled information about Swiss Post delivery times can be found on its web site.

To avoid misunderstandings we only accept orders in writing. The easiest is to use our FIGU shop.

No, there is no minimum or maximum limit. You can even order free products only. Huge orders (more than 30kg) may cause additional costs. We recommend splitting huge orders in separate smaller ones.