And did they listen?

Hidden in plain sight for decades, the most important story in human history.

On a mission - from the depths of space - one man risked his life to reveal the long hidden, acient secrets to the people of Earth.

Overcoming millennia of religious intrigues, political suppression and numerous assassination attempts, Billy Eduard Albert Meier, the prophet of the new time, brought the eternally true spiritual teaching with its promise of true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

The long foretold prophecies and predictions of wars, environmental disasters and social upheaval had already begun and humankind was offered one final change to rewrite its future.

Learn the truth about the:

  • Only scientifically authenticated UFO contact case published
  • Most prophetically accurate scientific information ever published
  • Still unrecognized magnitude of destruction from Fukushima and BP
  • Former skeptic who now calls Billy Meier case "amazing and astonishing"
  • Coming danger from asteroid Apophis that NASA won't admit
  • UN Ambassador who met Asket from the Dal universe
  • Things that we can still do to assure our future survival

Including Special Features about the: Spiritual Teaching - 5100 Years Old Iceman - Vanquished Skeptics - UFO Industry

25.00 CHF
111 Min.