Shipping and Payment

An Important Information for the Member and Customers of FIGU Switzerland

With immediate effect, only 1 account is available for the payment (international money transfer) of membership dues, for donations (general or for certain purposes), and also for the purchase of books etc.
RecipientFIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft
8495 Schmidrüti
Account No.:80-13703-3
IBAN:CH06 0900 0000 8001 3703 3
Beneficiary bank:Swiss Post, Postfinance Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Schweiz

Attention: In case of any money transfer please quote the purpose of the payment, and in the case of an advance payment for goods that you have ordered from our shop, please quote the "order number".

It still applies to our FIGU-Shop:
Our products are neither shipped by COD parcel nor via invoice.
Writings and products of all sorts are shipped only if you have completely payed in advance.
We do not accept payments by check.

Please note: For payments regarding the “Geisteslehre” Studium (GL Study Course) you will have to continue using the following private account:

Recipient:Bieri Eva Susanna
8495 Schmidrüti
Account No.:31-192189-3
IBAN:CH91 0900 0000 3119 2189 3
Beneficiary bank:Swiss Post, Postfinance, Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Schweiz

Free-of-charge Euro transfers (SEPA) In order to transfer Euro credits from European countries to Switzerland at no charge, please use of the so-called SEPA system, which is supported by all European banks.

Currency Our default currency is Swiss Francs (CHF). You may also pay your orders in US dollar and Euro. The prices will be automatically calculated according to the actual exchange rate plus service fee, which we will be charged with ourselves.

Express Delivery We do not ship our products as express delivery ("Urgent"), but you may choose between "Economy" and "Priority" during checkout.

Inquiries Regarding Missing Parcels If a parcel should not reach the recipient, and if, therefore, it is necessary to inquire about the status of the delivery, FIGU will start the inquiry at the post office where the parcel has been shipped. For such an investigation task/job Swiss Post charges CHF 10.- each quarter of an hour.